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1949 Time Capsule

1949 Time Capsule

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The 1949 Time Capsule is a unique and entertaining 70th birthday gift for men and women. Display it at a 70th birthday party to keep everyone guessing what's inside. Each item included in the 1949 Time Capsule has a clever meaning for the person celebrating his/her 70th birthday. Be sure to read the whimsical card inside the time capsule.

  • 1949 Trivia deck of playing cards
  • A mini Slinky
  • A Fifteen puzzle - color may vary
  • A mood ring
  • A bag of marbles
  • A high bounce ball
  • A puzzle cube
  • A retro-design booklet of 1949 facts and photos
  • A variety of nostalgic candy - selection may vary

 Product Info  Size: 13 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter  Other: This item contains sugar-based nostalgic candy.  Note: Once opened, this item cannot be returned. 

70th birthday party Idea:  Open the time capsule at the 70th birthday party. Use the trivia playing cards as contest questions and share the candy with the attendees.